Maintain workplace safety and hygiene

with protective screens and sanitising stations at your Melbourne office

As Melbourne’s reputed signage solutions agency, our work revolves around providing practical and creative signage solutions that create an impact for your brand. We are always looking for more ways to offer value to our clients, and given the uncertainty around the Covid-19 crisis and the new normal of social distancing, we have introduced some new products to maintain higher levels of workplace safety. These include custom-made acrylic protective screens and instructional floor graphics for maintaining social distancing, as well as sanitising stations and sanitising stands for offices in Melbourne.

The importance of implementing workplace hygiene

Covid-19 has become a global pandemic in a short time, primarily through the spread of contaminated droplets as a result of coughing, sneezing or close contact, and there is palpable fear about contracting the virus. It is not surprising to see that safety first has become the new mantra everywhere, and maintaining higher levels of workplace hygiene is now essential to continue conducting business. Regular cleaning is no longer enough; Regular sanitisation and disinfection have now become the new norm.

The features of our workplace safety product range

Just as with our signages, we are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, through high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our acrylic protective screens can help maintain a physical barrier between close contact, and can also serve as a sneeze guard and germ barrier. These can be customised as per your requirements, and can also include a cutout to enable a safer exchange of products through the barrier.

The instructional floor graphics can guide visitors to maintain the required social distancing as mandated by the health department. This will make it easier to manage crowds and can be easily changed or replaced as and when needed.

Our sanitising stands and sanitising stations are much sought after in Melbourne, as they provide an easy and effective way to sanitize hands before entering the workspace. These come in a variety of options – floor-standing, wall-mounted and countertop stations, and can also be customised as needed. You could also check out our range of affordable contact-less sanitising stations, ensuring that no avoidable physical contact happens throughout the office premises.

The business benefits of investing in our workplace safety products

Your business will also be perceived as more responsible and caring as a result of implementing these safety measures. But apart from this being done for customer safety, doing this is also essential for creating a safer working environment and higher morale for your staff. This will allow you to continue your business operations with more peace of mind. Given that the heightened safety awareness will stay on for long after the pandemic, investing in these products right now will hold your business in good stead over a long period of time. We would like to share that this new offering has not been introduced from a revenue standpoint but from a service and safety standpoint, and an intention to help our clients revive their businesses post the pandemic shock.

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