Installation & Maintenance

Sign installation and maintenance by our professionals

Providing reliable pre & post-installation services to many businesses, we are professionally capable of executing the installation and maintenance of your signage in ways that prove beneficial for you. Designing the signs for commercial and non-commercial establishments is the first step towards its final purpose. Although, before the work of designing and installation begins, our experts need to take certain measures and precautions to make sure that your sign does not create any legal problems for you.

Site evaluation              

Our experts study every aspect of your commercial establishment, residential areas and other locations to determine the best and appropriate place to install the sign. As a respected signage company in Melbourne, we do not move forward with the installation process unless we know that your sign and the determined place for its installation are both acceptable by the legal standards (council regulations) and suit your purposes.


We follow certain safety protocols to ensure that once the sign is installed, it is durable, long-lasting and safe for your location. We also conduct pre-installation safety protocols to make sure that your signage does not cause any physical harm to anyone.

Sign Installation

Once we have your signage ready to install, our experts do a final evaluation of all of the materials and equipment utilised in the installation of your signs. Only then do we move forward with the sign installation process. As a professional signage company in Melbourne, we know that such protocols allow us to conduct the time-saving execution of this process and in the safest manner possible.

Pre-installation measures taken by our experts contribute to the perfect installation of signs, which in return ensures that the purpose of your sign is achieved and meets your expectations. 

Sign Maintenance

As professional sign designers in Melbourne, we understand the need for signage maintenance. No matter how expertly the installation of your signs is executed, sooner or later they need maintenance. At Sign Gallery, we provide these maintenance services for your signs, all of which involve the inspection and restoration of the structural integrity of your sign, so it can keep serving its purpose.

Our experts do a thorough examination of your sign to find any irregularities with it. We also inspect the reliability and long-lasting capabilities of your sign. Once we know all these factors, our team carefully conducts the process of maintenance and restores the quality of your sign to its prime state.

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