Installation & Maintenance

Professional Sign Installation & Maintenance

Sign Gallery can provide you with professional pre- and post-installation services and product maintenance. As well as designing signs for commercial and non-commercial establishments, our experts will also take special measures to ensure that your signs abide to any regulations, so that you won’t run into trouble down the track.

Site Evaluation

Our experts will work with you to explore every aspect of your commercial establishment, residential area, or other location, to determine the best possible place to install your sign. Not only will we confirm that the installation location and conditions are acceptable by all legal standards and council regulations, but we will make your brand needs an absolute priority.


Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Sign Gallery. We will ensure all the appropriate safety protocols are followed when installing your signs, so that they will be durable and safe for your location and patrons. We also conduct pre-installation safety protocols to ensure that your sign requirements will not cause physical harm to anyone in the vicinity.

Sign Installation

Once your sign is ready for installation, our experts will do a final evaluation of all of the materials and equipment used in the installation process to make sure everything is in working order and upholds safety regulations. Only once this has been completed will we install your sign, and hey presto! You’re good to go.

Sign Maintenance

Sooner or later, it’s likely that your sign will need a bit of maintenance. That’s why we provide sign maintenance services, such as inspection and restoration of structural integrity, so that your sign can keep serving its purpose for many years to come.

If you’d like to know more about our sign installation and maintenance services, give us a call or request a free quote from us via this page.

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