We understand how important your brand and identity are to your business. So it is important to maintain the consistency of your brand, whether your brand is displayed on buildings, pylons, vehicles, indoors or outdoors, etc.

At Sign Gallery, we can achieve this no matter where your brand is displayed. By producing all your signage products under one roof at Sign Gallery, we’re able to maintain consistency no matter what substrate we print your brand on. This also gives you a cost reduction at the same time.

Put your brand lights and make it work for you 24/7. See more information under 3D signage.

Our Culture

Sign Gallery started its business from a humble beginning more than a decade ago. Our vision was very clear from the start. To build a Signage company with values and Culture that will leave an impression very hard to match.

Sign Gallery was developed by investing in the right people with the same beliefs, passion and principles.

Our culture includes:

These principles remain with us today and give our customers a secure feeling knowing they are partnering with a reputable and reliable team.

At Sign Gallery, we bend backward to make the impossible… POSSIBLE!

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied by giving them exceptional service paired with high-quality and effective signage displays.

Our values include:

Our Objective

To provide practical and innovative sign solutions by adopting a creative approach towards design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

We achieve this through technology, product knowledge, technical efficiency, increase productivity and cost reduction resulting in “Total Customer Satisfaction”


We reinvest in the latest cutting-edge manufacturing technology and personnel to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for all their signage needs. This provides our team of signage specialists with the latest equipment to be able to implement creative and practical solutions with impact and longevity.

Why Choose US?

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