3D Signs

If you wish to attract customers from any part of the world, it is important for you to have innovative and highly visible signage that sends out the right message. In these current times where there are distractions everywhere, it becomes vital for any business to capture their potential customer’s attention with appropriate signage. Sign Gallery understands the importance of highlighting your brand amongst competitive peers and other businesses.

At Sign Gallery, we design, manufacture and install such signage for various businesses throughout Victoria and other States. Every type of signage has its place for the message it needs to portray and 3D signage in Melbourne can be used effectively with high impact to grab the viewer’s attention and draw them to your brand and business.

3D Signs

3D signage will make your brand stand out by adding a dynamic and high-quality appearance. 3D signage in Melbourne can be fabricated in various materials to suit your requirements and hip pocket. The following substrates/materials are just to name a few:

Sign Gallery specialises in all types of 3D fabrication, from high-end internal applications such as office receptions and boardrooms to retail applications where your potential customers will get right up close and personal to your branding. We also specialise in large external signs for buildings like factories, warehouses and office buildings where your customers will see you from afar.

MDF signs are durable for internal use and beautiful designs can be created out of this material. MDF signage in Melbourne is popular because of this reason. Our acrylic signs in Melbourne are waterproof, weatherproof and have an elegant finish. We also fabricate custom-made metal signs for our customers, taking into account their individual requirements for sizing and space. You can visit us for trendy metal signs in Melbourne. We can also aid in setting up a frame sign in Melbourne. So, whatever your signage needs are, get in touch with us!

The Power of 3D LED Signage

3-Dimensional signage can also incorporate weatherproof LED lighting to illuminate and promote your business 24/7 by various means of illumination options. At Sign Gallery, we provide a myriad of options related to 3D signage and lettering: There are front-lit, side-lit, back-lit (halo-lit), channel letters or even a combination of them. LED Neon is also a wonderfully colourful option to make remarkable 3D signage in Melbourne.

The benefits of LED lighting shouldn’t be underestimated. LED lighting offers great and cost-effective benefits. It is better for the environment and can reduce electricity costs.

Irrespective of your requirements, we can help you. Call us to learn more about our services or to get a free quote. We will schedule a meeting and consult with you in regards to all of the 3D options that are available and ensure that you receive the most suitable designs for your requirements. We believe in customer service and customer satisfaction and will do our best to give your brand the attention it deserves.

Sign Gallery Tip: Keep it simple!!! Highly detailed 3D elements can often get lost, keep the 3D areas of your signage simple for maximum impact.

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