3D Signs

3D signage will make your brand stand out adding a dynamic, high quality look to your signage. 3D signs can be made in a number of materials to suit your requirements.




ACM (aluminium composite material)

MDF (medium-density fibreboard)

We specialise in all types 3D fabrication, from high end internal applications like office receptions, boardrooms or retail applications where your clients will get right up close to your branding. To large external signs on large buildings like factories, warehouses and office buildings where your clients will see you from miles away.

3-Dimensional signage can be incorporated with weatherproof LED lighting to illuminate and promote your business 24 years a day.

Sign Gallery Tip: Keep it simple!!! Highly detailed 3D elements can often get lost, keep the 3D areas of your signage simple for maximum impact.

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Put your brand in lights! Lightbox signage can be created for both external and internal sites. We utilise energy efficient LED lighting to create the lightbox. We also have solar power options available to minimise the impact your lightbox has on the planet.  

Illuminate your business night and day for more exposure and attention, lightbox signage enables you to communicate your message even when your business is closed.

We can even custom build your lightbox to suit your premises, maximizing your advertising space.

Sign Gallery Tip: We make sure your lightbox looks just as good during the day as it does at night making it a true 24/7 sign.

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Electronic LED Signs – Variable Messaging

Variable Message Signs are an excellent way to interact with customers and prospects in real time. This is an electronic controlled sign that allows you to change the content in minutes to deliver your message directly.
Electronic LED signage can be integrated with other signage products. Mainly used in pylons and directional signs (example – petrol station pylons)

LED Neon Flex Signs A solution to glass neon is LED Neon Flex which is completely weatherproof because it’s structured with a white PVC jacket that is designed to reflect the shape. It’s used indoors or outdoors. Very flexible and easy to create those intricate designs in lights.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are freestanding structures consisting of an internal steel frame and clad in ACM (aliminium composite material). Graphics are applied using a range of large format digital printed, computer cut vinyl graphics of contour cut 3D graphics.

We have the ability to illuminate all or section of the pylon with internal LED lighting.

We can handle the entire project including:

All council permits

Engineering specs

Ground works



Sign design



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Directional Signs – Way Finding

Sooooo FRUSTRATING when you can’t find where you need to go, usually happens when you are in a hurry!!!

Eliminate confusion and frustration with attractive, well thought out, and clear Directional/Way Finding Signs. There are heaps of options available, contact us today to book in a FREE concitation with one of our directional/way finding specialists.

Sign Gallery Tip: Use colour and images to help people get to where they’re going fast.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics is a great medium for getting your message across to your potential customers. It can be applied either on the inside or outside of the window. It’s used in a vast range of industries to attract attention to your message.

It comes in many styles; Opaque, Clear, Frosted, Vinyl or Perforated (known as “one-way vision”), you can see out but you can’t see in. Speak to our sales team to show you the complete range of options.

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Wall Graphics

Wall graphics and decals help add character to your walls. Whether you have a message to convey or simply decorate a space. It’s used in a vast range of industries and applications, including retail, commercial, education, healthcare, interiors, and architecture just to name a few.

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Brick Wall Graphics

Turn your plain boring brick wall into a work of art or promote your business on it. This highly conformable cast film can be applied to moderately textured flat or curved surfaces as diverse as concrete block, brick, tile, poured cement and stucco.

The film will conform and mould over indoor and outdoor textured, painted or unpainted surfaces and is sufficiently flexible to wrap around columns. Turn uninteresting surfaces into an eye-catching photographic quality graphics.

Vehicle Graphics

Promote your business brand on your vehicle and turn it to a moving billboard. It’s the best form of marketing which is seen by thousands of people every day as you travel along the roads each day.
Maximise your brand identity and increase sales by this powerful form of advertising. We pride ourselves on using the best vinyls and laminates available that are backed by manufacturer’s warranties.
Our team of experienced designers in vehicle wrapping will work with you to make sure your message is not only seen but read by moving cars beside you. This is an art in itself!
Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, this is one of the best form of advertising to promote your brand.

At Sign Gallery…we’ll make your Brand go places!

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Banners are a great way to get your message across offering both indoor and outdoor options.

There are a variety of banners available for all types of applications.

Large Printed Banners

Large printed banners used on the sides of buildings, billboards or building site hoardings offer a cost-effective way to brad a large space. Fixed and tensioned using aluminium sail track gives a smooth wrinkle-free look.

Exhibition & trade show display banners

Easy to set up and pack up, we make you stand out when your are surrounded by potential clients. Banners are a great way to get your message across quickly in a crowded space.

Wall Banners

Easily theme a space by covering part of or an entire wall with printed banners. Interchangeable options are available.

Sponsorship Banners

Great for sporting clubs, community groups and not for profit organisations. Sponsors will love seeing their branding and will offer great value.

Retractable/Pull-up Banners & X Frame Banners

Easy to set up and pack up. Keep them in the back of the car for times when you need instant branding and presence. Interchangeable skins are available for you to easily change your message for different clients.

Teardrop Flags

Attention grabbing Teardrop Flags are best used outside in all types of weather when you need to be seen. Movement in the wind gives Teardrop Flags a massive advantage in attracting your client attention.

Sign Gallery Tip: Banners are a great way to have a changeable message. If you are in a location where people regularly pass by, for example on a morning or afternoon commute, they will notice your new sign for a few weeks and then stop paying attention to it. Changeable messaging will keep you center of attention.

Printing – Large Format

Large format digital printing is one of our most common products. Digital graphics are printed on a wide range of vinyls, substrates, and materials. Printed vinyl decals to cover walls (internal and external) shopfront windows, hoardings and vehicle wraps. Digital graphics applied to corflute for fast turnaround and cost-effective solutions. Fabric prints made into flags and teardrop banners.

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